In recent years, the Black Sea plateus have become popular among the vacation plans of many travelers, including foreign tourists. The sea and the sun only holiday understanding is replacing slowly cool, abundant oxygen and silent mountain tourism (Nature Tourism) The Yaylars gave Uzungol a chance to stand out in recent years as it is an individual for those who want to get away from the crowds and stress of big cities, and the noise that modern life brings.

The 1625-hectare section of the area, with its rich vegetation and extensive wildlife diversity, is set as Nature Park. The National Park is located in the midst of lush nature, with mini-waterfalls flowing through the cliffs, rivers flowing in the early spring with rainy waters; Uzungöl is an ideal place to spend a holiday in nature.

Nature Park in 1989 and Special Environment in 2004, Uzungol is one of the most visited centers within the scope of Eastern Black Sea Tourism. Uzungöl, which is absolutely named after Eastern Karadeniz Tours, was formed by the closure of the bedrock of the last landslide in the valley of the Haldizen Stream. On the edge of the Soğanlı Mountains, 1100 meters above sea level, this lake welcomes thousands of local and foreign tourists each year.

Typical Black Sea climate is seen in Uzungöl. The region receives abundant rainfall in all seasons. Rainfall is snow in winter and rain during the summer. Thanks to this climate feature, the region remains green every season. The oldest forests in the temperate zone of the world are also seen here.

Between April - May the summer tourist season, which will last about 7 months in Turkey during the season and visitors from around the world on nature's riches generously given to it. The summer season between April and October is the most popular time in Uzungöl. Uzungol is one of the most important riches in becoming the tourism center of the Eastern Black Sea, with clean waters, oxygen abundant air, trout grown in the pools in the facilities, local breakfasts and the lush nature that fills people with peace.

1000 meters long, 500 meters wide, the depth of the lake is about 15 meters. Offering an alternative for those who do not want to spend their summer holidays at the sea, Uzungöl continues to work on the necessary infrastructure to accommodate guests in winter. This region, which is covered with snow with an average of 5 months of the year, is also the favorite of winter holiday lovers. Winter season snow covered forests and fireplace at the beginning of the magnificent snow for those who want to make a holiday in the winter months, the number of businesses is increasing day by day. Seeing perfect harmony with steep slopes and green whites under the snow; For those who want to walk in the fresh air and spend a nice evening at the fireplace, Uzungöl, the Pearl of the Eastern Black Sea, is open to all seasons.

The most common tree species in this region is East Ladini. Except this; elm, alder, walnut and chestnut trees. The region is also rich in wildlife; wild boar, badger, lynx, jackal, squirrel, wild ducks, brook and lake trout are just a few examples of this diversity. Unfortunately, some of these animal species are facing the danger of extinction in the result of uncontrolled hunting.

Recently, the lake has faced the danger of stuffing due to landslides. Almost completely shut down with plants such as saz and wicker grass and the danger of coming to the area mobilized in the region was initiated and the lake was cleaned and rescued from danger of stuffing